FAQs for Startups

What is a hardware accelerator?

A hardware accelerator specifically focuses on supporting founders who are creating a business that involves building physical products (usually mechatronic hardware). Physical product development has inherent risks related to the extra cost, time and complexity involved in building these products. Melt accelerator provides funding as well as a structured process and expert linkages to help founders prove, prototype, pilot and produce their products as efficiently as possible.

What type of products can be accelerated?

Typically, we are looking for electronic or mechatronic type products. Think IoT connected devices, robotics or consumer electronics. But if you aren’t sure, pitch it to us! We’re open minded and we’re here to help.

Should I apply for the Melt Accelerator?

Absolutely. The Melt is Australia’s only hardware focused accelerator and this is a unique opportunity to leverage expert support to get your product idea off the ground

Why should I apply for the Melt Accelerator?

Successful Startups receive up to $150,000 of investment through the program with the opportunity for further follow-on investment.

The proven Melt accelerator 4P Process is a structured, stage-gate/agile hybrid process that is the least-riskiest path to product development

Enjoy on-site access to the Mechatronic Engineering tools and Software Design suites you need to bring your vision to life. Without The Melt Accelerator, these tools and services are often out of reach for most startup companies.

Coworking and Expertise
Work alongside likeminded founders and close to the engineering teams that can provide all of the expertise and services required during the product development lifecycle

International Linkages
Access offshore expertise to help you build competitively at scale.

What is The Melt 4P Process?

A structured, stage-gate/agile hybrid process that is the least-riskiest path to product development

  1. Prove: Can we sell it? Articulate and assess the business model first before building any physical products
  2. Prototype: Can we build it? Build a looks-like/works-like prototype to mitigate technical risks
  3. Pilot: Can they use it and will they buy it? Conduct small scale pilots to ensure the product has achieved problem/solution fit and product/market fit.
  4. Produce: Can we build it at scale? Design your product and manufacturing process for large scale production.
What phase can I enter the program?

Any phase.

Prove Stage:
Your product / business is at the ideation stage. In this phase The Melt will first seek to validate the business model and understand the technical risks of the project. A comprehensive business case for further investment is developed.

Prototype Stage:
Your product idea is already validated and is now ready for a looks like/works like prototype to be developed

Pilot Stage:
You have a prototype that is now ready to be piloted with real customers to gain valuable insights and prepare for manufacturing at scale.

Produce stage:
The product is ready for large scale, low cost manufacture and distribution. The produce stage ensures that input costs are optimised and all logistical aspects are considered, such as packaging, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and distribution efficiency.

How do I apply to The Melt accelerator?

Once your expression of interest form (link here) has been submitted, Melt Accelerator will contact shortlisted candidates to request an introductory meeting. Following this meeting, startups are required to present a set of prerequisite deliverables to secure entry into the program.

What are the deliverables required to enter the program?
  • Business Model on a Lean Canvas
  • Pitch Deck
  • Technical Risk Analysis – An assessment of the technical risks related to building your physical product. This will be performed in conjunction with an independent domain expert nominated by Melt Accelerator.
  • Trademark and patent planning – An initial report by a Melt Accelerator nominated partner relating to establishing and protecting your IP
Will Melt Accelerator Own my IP?

No, you will own all of your IP.

When does the Melt Accelerator program start?

The program has a rolling intake, rather than a typical cohort based approach. When Startups apply, they are evaluated on their merits and suitability to the accelerator program. Successful applicants will commence the program as soon as all prerequisite deliverables have been submitted.

How much funding is available for my Startup?

$150k of funding during the Accelerator program with the opportunity of follow-on investment when the product is ready to scale.

Do I need to be full time on my business?

Yes, the expectation is that you will be available to work on your business full time once you are accepted into the program.

When do applications close?

They don’t! The Melt Accelerator is a rolling intake so we are constantly evaluating startups for entry to the program.

Where is The Melt?

The Melt is at the Dashworks Makespace at 323 Hillsborough road, Warners Bay. This facility is strategically located close to advanced manufacturing and research hubs and Australia’s largest corporates.

I need more information before I decide to apply. Where can I get it?

If this site hasn't already answered all of your questions, please reach out to contact us via the Contact Form.