The Melt Accelerator

For Startups, building great hardware products is difficult. And a great product doesn’t necessarily mean a great business. The Melt Accelerator is everything startups need to build great hardware products whilst ensuring the business model is sound, sustainable and successful.

What is the Melt Accelerator?


Successful Startups receive up to $150,000 of investment through the program with the opportunity for further follow-on investment.


The proven Melt accelerator 4P Process focuses on the least-riskiest path to product development success.

Tools and Services

On-site access to the Mechatronic Engineering tools and Software Design suites you need to bring your vision to life. Without The Melt Accelerator, these tools and services are often out of reach for most startup companies.

Coworking and Expertise

Work alongside likeminded founders and close to the engineering teams that can provide all of the expertise and services required during the product development lifecycle.

International Linkages

Access offshore expertise to help you build competitively at scale.

The Melt is everything you need to build innovative products and launch a great business.

Benefits for Startups



Successful Startups receive up to $150k – with best-in-market investment terms;

PLUS program access and the offer of potential follow-on funding.

Prototyping Lab & Engineering support

Access to the Design Studio, the Manufactory tools and The Melt Services as well as engineering support required for end-to-end prototyping and product development.

Expert Mentorship


Utilising a small team of high quality mentors with focus on product development, sales, customer growth and large scale production to accelerate the success of your business.

Direct access to strategic partners

Access to a small group of strategically significant partners. PLUS access to The Melt community and connections to customers and investors.

Local and global network

Access offshore expertise to help you build competitively at scale. Unique pathways to access capital and mentorship in North America, Asia and the broader global markets.

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How does the Melt Accelerator work?

Unlike a traditional accelerator, The Melt is a rolling intake program. It does not run cohorts or have a fixed duration. This means that applications can be submitted at any time here and that founders don’t need to be based in the Melt coworking space full time (although we would encourage it).

Fortnightly meetings with The Melt program manager and mentors keep the business on track and founders focused on the issues that matter most.

Startups are provided with an initial tranche of investment funding. With the full support of the Melt experts and mentors, startups will progress through The Melt 4P product development process with a predefined set of deliverables and objectives in each phase. Further funding is deployed as the startup completes each stage.


Validate the business model, evaluate technical risks and build a business case for further investment.


A looks like/works like prototype is developed.


Prototypes are piloted with real customers to gain valuable insights and prepare for manufacturing at scale.


A design for Manufacture process ensures the product is ready for large scale, low cost manufacture and distribution.

Who is the Melt Accelerator for?

The melt accelerator is for early stage startups that are building a hardware product, typically with mechatronic or embedded software elements. Startups may enter the program at an early stage, for example, prior to any prototypes have been developed, or at a later stage, for example where small trials have been conducted and the product is ready for large scale manufacture.

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