Melt Labs

New product development is key to the growth and sustainability for most corporates. But how do corporates know which initiatives to invest in? And how do they get it done quickly and efficiently without losing focus on “business-as-usual”? Melt Labs provides R&D as a Service to get new products into the market quicker

What is Melt Labs for corporates?

Melt labs is the proven process, expertise and equipment that helps corporates with the ability to liberate internally “trapped” hardware projects and IP to save time and money, mitigate risk, and improve operations or get new products into the market quicker

The Melt harnesses the collective experience, capability and expertise of running 30+ Accelerators combined with Ampcontrol one of Australia’s largest electrical engineering companies.

The Melt unleashes strategic hardware innovation in your business.

Benefits for Corporates

Rapidly test and build new products locally with a proven gated process.

Boost your innovation output without investing in new resources or equipment.

Speed up and de-risk potentially viable projects with valuable rapid prototyping learnings.

Access internal linkages to global factories for global scale.

Liberate internal projects from business-as-usual headwinds.

Transform your internal culture and access new engineering and design talent.

Maintain competitive advantage and industry leadership by getting new products to market quicker.

Boost your top and bottom line with new revenue streams and cost efficiencies.

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How does the Melt Labs work?

Typically, one or more projects enter the proven Melt 4P process –Prove, Prototype, Pilot & Produce – A rapid, repeatable, and low-cost pathway to successful product development.


Accelerate internally generated ideas through the Prove Stage.

Deliverable: Comprehensive Business Case Report.


Build working prototypes using the workshop facilities.

Deliverable: Working prototype and go-to-market pilot report.


Use the prototype to test the market appetite.

Deliverable: Version 1 prototype and Production Plan.


Product is proven and now production ready.

Deliverable: Factory ready product.

Who is the Melt Labs for?

Typically, Melt Labs are used by corporates who have a number of hardware ideas or products in the innovation pipeline and need help with testing, commercialising and scaling these new product offerings quickly.

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