Productioneering support to deliver pilot. How we helped Allegro Energy develop their manufacturing system

Allegro had to design and deploy the inaugural pilot at Origin’s Eraring Power Station.

The company

Allegro Energy (Allegro) provides Long Duration Energy Storage to leading energy providers, grid operators and industrial consumers through modular Redox Flow Battery (RFB) systems.


This allows their customers to deliver stability and energy resilience and provide end users with consistent access to electricity across Australia and around the world.

The challenge

Allegro had to design and deploy the inaugural pilot at Origin’s Eraring Power Station.


Allegro needed to bring in manufacturing and industrial design experience to help them efficiently and swiftly manufacture the 800kWh RFB system to be deployed in the pilot. Allegro couldn’t afford to waste critical time bringing consultants up to speed on their technology or business, instead they wanted to leverage their trusted networks.

The solution

The Melt partnered with the Allegro founders and engineering team to develop a holistic pilot production strategy, including embedded support with productioneering, industrial design and project management. Melt Ventures supported as significant early investors in Allegro.


The efforts include co-creation of a production strategy focused on delivering the inaugural pilot at Origin’s Eraring Power Station on time, on budget and to spec. This includes embedded support by The Melt’s in house production expert and Partner, Clint Bruin and Industrial Designer, John Klinkenberg who provide productioneering, industrial design and project management support.

Specifically, Clint took the lead on the project plan, sequencing, risks and governance to get things moving fast and embed the frameworks and capability within the Allegro team. While John got to work designing the RFB modular system for the pilot alongside the engineering team.

The Allegro team are building components for the pilot at The Melt’s Modern Manufacturing Centre and benefiting from access to state-of-the-art facilities, technology, tools and equipment.

Melt Ventures were first believers in Allegro having invested early and followed on in recent funding rounds. As well as, being on hand to provide commercial and business advice to the Allegro founders to support them with commercials, negotiations, governance and the gamut of business advice.

The results

Productioneering and design expertise will make or break pilot deployments. Providing expertise and being embedded team members are the two most critical success factors.


Within only 90 days of kickoff, complete system designs were developed, project milestones were on track and critical path issues had been identified and addressed.

“I was surprised how well the whole process has gone so far with the pilot thanks to The Melt’s support – they added value, got up to speed quickly and helped us anticipate unknowns” – Allegro’s CEO and Co-founder, Thomas Nann.

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