Let's create and scale your company

Full stack support from idea stage to exit to help you create, grow and scale smarter.

We partner with you from the idea stage to validate your idea, create your product, grow your customer base and scale your company.

How we help

Understand the full impact of your activities, improve your sustainability performance and provide verified results to investors and potential customers by undertaking Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

Support to develop data-driven business cases, unit cost economic models and business models to secure new customers and investors faster and more effectively.

Productioneering and design

 The Melt 4P Innovation process is a rapid, repeatable and low-cost pathway to successful product development that is designed to manage technical, compliance and adoption risk.

Sales and growth

Support to develop your go-to market strategy, distribution strategy, sales capability and expertise, and more.


Support to commercialise your IP, undertake structured user research and analysis, mapping and advancing technical and commercial readiness.


Guidance on when and how to fundraise, what to look for in investors, your company’s biggest risks from an investor’s perspective, market valuations and feedback on your fundraising pitch.


Secure customers

Increase enterprise value

De-risk customers and investors

Attract and streamline investment

Validate and verify claims

Scale to sustainable operations

Why us


Proven system

Physical facilities

Access to network and partners

Track record

Senior, specialised expertise

What companies would benefit?

We have a series of packages designed for the discrete needs of pre-seed through to Series C+ hardware companies ensuring that the support is fit for purpose and tailored to your unique goals, stage and business.


Yes, you can choose your own adventure – you may only need our support for the Life Cycle Analysis or you may engage The Melt to help you with a number of modules such as the Life Cycle Analysis and developing the customer business case. These services have been designed to give you flexibility.

Our team are senior founders, investors and C-Suite operators from hardware and tech high growth companies that have been in your shoes. They have experienced the same challenges as you within their own businesses and in hundreds of other tech companies, so are best placed to help you strategise, implement and execute.