Helping Beacon Automation to increase their manufacturing efficiency right here in the Hunter.

Collaborating with Beacon Automation to improve product reliability, reduce wastage and decrease costs when producing their dye-based heat detection patches – all just a 10 minute drive from Beacon Automation’s headquarters.

The company

Beacon Automation is a local AgTech success based in Muswellbrook that supplies its products internationally.


Beacon Automation’s technology allows cattle farmers to better manage their herd’s breeding programmes by identifying the optimum time to breed.

The challenge

The existing machinery used to manufacture the dye delivery mechanism, that is used within the heat detection product was aging and nearing its production capacity resulting in high manufacturing reject rates.


This was requiring  additional manual QA checks to be performed on 100% of those product components, resulting in excessive labour costs which was impacting margins.

The solution

Beacon Automation and The Melt partnered to redesign the dye delivery mechanism to increase the reliability of that component and to improve the consistency of the finished product functionality.


The Melt and Beacon Automation collaborated at The Melt’s Modern Manufacturing Centre in Muswellbrook to identify the cause of the existing manufacturing issues, design a proof of concept using CAD software and create a prototype using 3D printing technology.

The results

The new dye delivery system resolved the existing manufacturing issues and based upon further field testing across a number of international markets, will lead to reduced wastage, reduced QA time and improved margins.


The real benefit to Beacon Automation was the speed and efficiency of the process afforded by The Melt’s Modern Manufacturing Centre being located so close to their headquarters. Previously, geographic barriers slowed down their product development and required travel to capital cities to develop prototypes.

Thanks to Muswellbrook Shire Council and The Melt’s foresight, local businesses like Beacon Automation can access cutting edge technology and support to solve their most pressing innovation challenges.

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