Let's connect you to the solution

Get curated access to hardware innovation across climate tech, advanced manufacturing and IoT.

How we help


Get curated access to our pipeline of tried-and-tested hardware technologies to help work towards net zero.


Work with you to understand your strategy and challenges and partner with you to design and implement innovative solutions.

Ecosystem development

Collaborate with you to develop innovation precincts to enable your business and region to transform, thrive and grow.


Delivery of microcredential courses to upskill your workforce in emerging technology skills.


Access to pipeline of technology companies

Curated access to solutions tailored to your needs

Central concierge

Speed to execute

Upskill and transform your workforce

Expand your market knowledge

Why us

Investment in the outcome

Proven system

Physical facilities

Access to network and partners

Track record

Senior, specialised expertise

What companies would benefit?

We support a range of companies including private companies, government agencies and bodies (local, state and federal), listed companies and small to medium enterprises - across all sectors.


If you have more questions, please reach out to contact us via or via the contact form.

The Donald Horne Building, The Melt Modern Manufacturing Centre, 140 Bridge Street, Muswellbrook, NSW 2333