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OrataTech – Active Thermal Mass

CleanTech / Renewables
Fields required

Renewables Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics

Melt Supervisors
Adam Van Dyck

Project Background

orata° uses the innovative thermal mass of Phase Change Materials to heat and cool houses more efficiently by conditioning the mass of the building not the air. This creates a slow-moving thermal inertia that enables the time shifting of when we heat and cool our homes.

orata° enables the transition beyond traditional air-conditioning – a brute-force, inefficient and unsustainable way of cooling our homes that is currently incompatible with renewable energy sources like solar.

The orata° phase-change heating and cooling building panels are activated by renewable energy, typically solar which accelerates the adoption of renewable energy.

Project Aim

Following extensive UoN engineering research projects, orata° is ready to commence small-scale concept validation trials at their Hunter and Central Coast facilities. The project aims to directly measure the heating/cooling efficiency of a living space fitted with the orata° system.

The project will require general assistance across all aspects of the project that may include

  • Modelling, analysing and calibrating the thermal flow systems
  • System design and Installation of the phase change building panels
  • Integration and programming of digital instrumentation and control systems
  • Performing various experiments and documenting outcomes
1/323 Hillsborough Rd, Warners Bay, with limited travel to Sydney
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