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The Melt featured in Newcastle & The Hunter: Innovation Ready series

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Brett Thomas had the pleasure of sharing The Melt’s journey as part of Out of the Square Media, Hunter iF and Newcastle Herald’s Innovation Ready series.

Read on for the transcript:

We’re an innovative company that helps businesses growth businesses particularly right from ideation through to bringing products to market.

We work in the clean tech, climate tech and advanced manufacturing space.

Our premise really is helping startups and scale ups.

We do that by providing investment programs to accelerate and commercialise them.

We also help large larger businesses including corporates to untrap IP and prioritise R&D and we also help them with micro credentials for upskilling.

I think the thing that’s interesting from The Melt perspective though is that we see all manner of innovations but particularly we’re focused on new novel product ideas and hardware product ideas. And so that’s our focus.

But we also recognise and appreciate that innovation, it can really be incremental.

We know that the Hunter is the heartbeat of energy production and so we have to shore that up not just for the Hunter but for NSW more broadly.

The government’s ploughing a lot of money into this area because obviously we need to make sure that we have energy security and energy supply going forward. It’s really the lifeblood of all business and and and everything that we do.

So we’re well placed in terms of helping those next generation businesses to want to come and set up here but also scale and grow here.

The real game changer is having these facilities that device manufacturers, hardware startups can actually get affordable access. Places like the Melt Modern Manufacturing Centre in the Donald Horne building makes all the difference for them.

And really that fostering and the nurturing that comes with the building of those prototypes is absolutely crucial to to their success.

What I would recommend is that people come and talk to them all come and talk to us about what we can offer.
There’s nothing like talking to people that have been there and done it, that have created businesses and you know, we’ve created a hundred plus, come and see for yourself what’s happening here, because once you see it, I’m sure it’ll blow your mind.

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